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Idaho Plumbing Services

We have all the tools, plumbing knowledge and expertise needed to properly service your home. We are Southwest Idaho’s premiere plumbing company. Below are the numerous services we provide to our Southwest Idaho customers. Proudly serving the entire Treasure Valley and Southwest Idaho. 

Plumber Services We Provide

Plumber Providing Residential Plumbing Services Repair

Residential Plumbing Services & Repair

Our residential plumbing services and repair are essential for maintaining the proper functioning of your home’s plumbing system. 

This service includes fixing leaks, unclogging drains, repairing or replacing fixtures like faucets and toilets, installing new pipes, and providing routine maintenance. 

Our technicians are equipped with the latest tools and technology to diagnose and repair plumbing issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring clean water and proper waste disposal for you. 

Trojan plumbing services and repair can help prevent future plumbing problems and ensure the smooth functioning of your home’s plumbing system.

Commercial Plumbing Services Pipe Repair

Commercial Plumbing Service & Repair

Trojan Plumbing’s commercial plumbing services and repair helps to maintain and repair plumbing systems in commercial buildings.

Our commercial plumbing service & repair includes fixing leaks, unclogging drains, repairing pipes, installing fixtures, and maintaining septic and sewer systems. 

Our plumbers use advanced tools and techniques to diagnose and repair plumbing issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance for your commercial property or business. 

Our commercial plumber services aim to provide businesses with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective plumbing solutions.

new construction plumbing in home being built

New Construction Plumbing

We work with a lot of builders in Southwest Idaho providing new construction plumbing. We help our general contractors create the perfect living environment for their clients.

Our new construction plumbing services involve the installation of pipes, fixtures, and appliances for water, waste removal, and gas delivery in residential and commercial buildings.

Our services include design, material selection, installation, testing, and installation by licensed plumbers to ensure code compliance and building-specific needs.

We know a new construction plumbing system is crucial for clean water and waste removal, ensuring the health and safety of new construction clients is our number one priority 

tankless water heater installed on garage wall

Tankless Water Heater Installation Repair and Service

Our tankless water heater installation, repair, and service involves the installation, fixing, and maintenance of tankless water heaters.

These services ensure the proper location, plumbing, and electrical connections, fix any issues, and perform regular maintenance to keep the system running efficiently and safely.

Many tankless water heater owners don’t understand and often times don’t realize that tankless water heaters need to be properly serviced and maintained to extend the life of there tankless water heater. 

Trojan Plumbing’s tankless water heater installation repair & service ensures reliable hot water and will extend the lifespan of the tankless water heater.

person pouring salt in new water softener just installed

Water Softeners and Filtration Installations and Repairs

Trojan Plumbing’s water softener system installation, repair, and service offers solutions for those annoying hard water problems.

Installation involves setting up a system to remove minerals, repair services address any issues, and maintenance keeps your water softener system running efficiently to ensure your water remains soft.

A consultation is often needed to determine the best system for your needs.

Water softeners are essential for ensuring soft water, protecting pipes and appliances, and reducing maintenance costs.

newly installed traditional hot water heater in garage

Traditional Water Heater Installations and Repair

Water heater installation, repair, and service provides maintenance and upkeep of your water heater.

Our services include new installation, repair of existing units, and routine maintenance to ensure that your hot water heater continues to function properly for many years to come.

Trojan plumbing technicians will diagnose and fix issues, perform routine check-ups, and clean and maintain the unit to prevent potential problems and ensure efficient operation.

Customers can rely on hot water with our services to keep their water heater functioning effectively.

plumbing drain being cleaned

Drain Cleaning Service and Repair

Keeping your pipes free of clogs is important for every home owner.

Our drain cleaning services offer solutions for clogged or damaged pipes.

Services include drain cleaning, repair of cracks or leaks, sewer line repair, and camera inspections to diagnose problems.

Proper maintenance for your drains ensures the proper functioning of plumbing systems and prevents costly water damage.

Contact Trojan Plumbing for efficient and effective drain cleaning and repair solutions.

house repiping for sewer

Whole House Repiping: Sewer/Water/Gas

Living in a house with old pipes? We are here to help.

Our whole house repiping service replaces the existing pipes in a home for sewer, water, and gas.

Whole house repiping is needed when pipes are old, damaged, or corroded.

Trojan Plumbing’s team of skilled plumbers removes old pipes and installs new, high-quality pipes throughout your home.

New pipes are typically made of durable materials like PVC, CPVC, or PEX, ensuring a reliable plumbing system for years to come.

Having us come out for a whole house repiping improves water pressure, water quality, and provides peace of mind.

Plumbing Maintenance Programs

Trojan Plumbing’s plumbing maintenance services offers regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs to keep your building’s plumbing system functioning properly.

Staying on a plumbing maintenance program helps to prevent major problems, extend the lifespan of the plumbing, and minimize repairs those are the goals of  our plumbing maintenance program.

By participating in our plumbing maintenance program building & home owners can save money and prevent inconvenience to themselves and their tenants and customers.

The frequency of maintenance tasks varies based on the specific needs of the building or home. 

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Additional Plumbing Services We Offer

We offer high-quality plumbing services at a fair price and strive to exceed any other Idaho plumbers. Customer service is our number one priority. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with the quality of work and services we provide. 

Fixture Repairs and Installations

Installation and repairs on fixtures in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms etc.

Leak Detection

Suspect a leaking pipe or faucet? Let us help you with our leak detection experts.

Sewer Piping & Repair

Needing to have a sewer pipe installed or repaired? Look no further.

Bathroom Remodels & Additions

Remodeling bathroom and additions. Keep your home up to date with current trends.

Water Piping Repairs & Installations

Do you have water piping needing repaired or installed in a new or existing home?

Line Location

Looking to find where water line is located we can help. We provide an expert line location service.

Demolition & Excavation

Need help with demolition and excavation for your plumbing needs?

Kitchen Remodels & Additions

Looking to update your kitchen? We do remodeling kitchen and additions.

Instant Hot Water Systems

Want instant hot water and decrease your water bill while using less natural gas every month?

Toilet Replacement & Repairs

We can help you replace your old leaking toilet. We make replacing your toilet easy.

Garbage Disposal Installation & Repairs

Swap out your old garbage disposal for a new highly efficient model. No more clogs.

Faucet Installations & Repairs

Update your old faucets with our faucet installations. Don't need them replaced? We can repair your leaking faucets.

Hose Bib Replacement & Repair

Is your hose bib leaking? Our hose bib replacement & repair will eliminate those pesky leaks.

Camera Inspections

Find out if your home has plumbing clogs, cracks or leaks with our camera inspections service.

Toilet Maintenance

Have a toilet that constantly clogs? With our toilet maintenance we can help you keep that water flowing.

Sink Installations & Repairs

Have a sink needing repaired or replaced? With our sink installations & repair service we can help you.

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Plumbing Services Areas We Cover

Trojan Plumbing services the entire Treasure Valley and majority of Southwest Idaho. Including the McCall, Donnelly & Cascade Idaho Areas. Below are the cities we service in the Treasure Valley with their associated service pages. Go to one of our city pages to see what services we provide in your area. 

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